Hey any potential folks !

Hello anybody out there ! So this blog is not abandoned , I do plan to blog a lot more in the summer when I have everyday to post something , as the stress of exams at college is preventing me, from yea doing a lot other than college work! At the minute I aim to post regular YouTube videos ... So here's my channel - ZophieZoph! I love the folk who may come across this , has my blog has never really been a massive success , but yea I'm hoping to change that sometime soon and take more photos etc !
So chow for now ... And I mean it ONLY FOR NOW!



Black and white !

I've decided to create a new channel and to post YouTube videos ! So here's a link to my channel , i'd very much like for people to check it out . Feed back is also a must because i'm not really sure where to go next , but YouTube seems like a cool thing to do ! Also looking at popular YouTubers it seems to open a gate way to many great things (if it's successful ), so I've decided to give it a shot just for fun !



A plea.

Today, i'm here with a plea to all my curly haired sisters out there. When it comes to my hair , I rarely use any products . I'm literally the laziest person in the world when it comes to my locks , I use shampoo and conditioner (half of bottle mind you) ...  and that's it . I know shameful , but when i go into the local Boots, i stand bombarded with hair products and i don't know what's great , what's amazing, what's going to make little difference or add a lovely greasy sheen ( not the glossy one from the adverts , I mean an icky feeling). So on my never ending quest for a product which will restore my hair from it's dull , limp state to a bouncy curly healthy looks , you sisters seem to be rocking . I leave the shop annoyed and bored . Surely I'm missing some mystery technique or product ? Maybe I didn't get the memo attached to my birth certificate .
Anyways , on the day my hair has been washed it's fine and seems to be acceptable to wear down or if It's been washed the night before , but the second day it always seems frizzy , dull and the only option is an up do ! Do you understand my dilemma ? I don't want to wash my hair every day because all the natural vitamins or whatever will be washed away but i want my hair to stay ok for a couple days !

This is my curls on a fresh wash day , but after I've had my sleep .. it's pretty much frizz ! So i'd really appreciate it if somebody out there informed me of how you keep your curls bouncy for days and not for a limited time only ! Unless it's impossible and there's no way to beat it , because the laws of curly hair forbid it ! It'd be fabulous to know either way , so my quest is complete !